Spectacular Vernacular

Lough Boora, Offaly - Performance Nigel Rolfe - Online- Livestreamed Event.

To launch Spectacular Vernacular renowned performance artist Nigel Rolfe will return to perform at Lough Boora Parklands 10 years after his first residency in the boglands.
Nigel Rolfe has been performing as a live artist for the last 4 decades. He has also worked extensively as an artist, curator and lecturer. Since 2008 performance has become his primary form of artistic expression. Major retrospectives of his work have been held at the Irish Museum Of Modern Art in Dublin and at the Musee D’Art Moderne de la Ville De Paris. He has exhibited in Dublin, Paris, São Paulo, Busan, Kwangju, and Venice Biennales and presented in numerous international art fairs. He is Performance Pathway Program Leader and Professor Of Performance at the Royal College of Art In London. Rolfe is concerned with art being a live and vital engagement. His performances are bodily acts and reminders of our presence in the here and now.

Nomadic Workings: This is a nomadic practice with no recurrent fixed space, occasion, or time. The working method as a traveler between events and places that are in many countries and various situations. These are both within art conventions (museums, galleries, festivals) and then sited beyond and outside them in the landscape: both natural and in the broken built environment.

The body as site:
As mixing ground and as instrument,
As disguise, covering, insides out
Site itself, archaeology, excavation,
mapping, trajectory, journey, pathway
Emptying out, depth, interior life, vitality,
energy, contribution, risk, growth from failure.